Best Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi
  • June 3, 2023 6:58 am
  • East Delhi, Delhi

Dr. Sahil Singla is a highly skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon located in Delhi, India.Being a male, it is normal to feel embarrassed due to heavy breasts. Don’t worry, it is a common medical condition called Gynecomastia, (Male boobs) wherein the breasts get enlarged in men/boys. In this, the breast gland tissue increases in amount and can affect either one or both breasts. Sometimes, only fat increases at the breast area and not the tissue, this is called Pseudo Gynecomastia.

The types of Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi are also classified into 6 types based on chest fold, breast tissue, and nipple position that assist in determining the best suitable treatment:

The Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi NCR is not very high . Various studies show that it is the lowest as compared to other countries and therefore, many people from different countries are getting this treatment done in Delhi NCR. Although there cannot be a very definite or exact cost for Gynecomastia surgery, as it is dependent on several factors which need to be considered for knowing the exact expenditure which you need to incur:

1. The volume of fat/gland tissue to be removed: Since Gynecomastia is a two-stage procedure i.e. liposuction and tissue excision, depending upon how much fat needs to be removed and whether only one procedure is needed or both are needed, the cost will vary accordingly.

2. Type of technology used: the technique used by the doctor such as whether it is ultrasound-assisted, power-assisted, or laser-assisted, all will have a different cost.

3. Equipment cost: The equipment used during the surgery also add the cost.

4. Additional procedures if needed and post-operative care: Other costs like medicines, compression garments, etc., or if you also want to get some similar procedure like tummy tuck, etc. done along with it, the cost will be increased.

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