Chola Bronze Handicrafts
  • January 13, 2023 5:24 pm
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu

South India’s Largest Chola Bronze Handicrafts, Brass Statues & Wooden Sculptures & Tanjore Paintings | Srushti Handicrafts

Beautifully made Handicrafts & Statues and other brass sculptures are made in traditional styles practiced by generations intact to our heritage. Handicrafts & sculptures made are according to rules of “Shilpa Sastra” the ancient treatise in sculpture making in India.

Chola Bronze Handicrafts, Bronze statues & artifacts and Tanjore paintings are made by national award-winning artisans crafted with love and perfection.

Bronze is an alloy of copper & tin which has been used for centuries in South India for making idols and sculptures for worship and decorative art.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and used in India for various art and decorative purposes. Temple bells and lamps are mostly made by it.

Wood has been an excellent choice for artisans to make various art piece and decorative furniture. Teak wood, Rosewood & Whitewood

are the best choices mostly.

Paintings have always been a favourite for art lovers. One such painting style is Tanjore style with a unique drawing form & proportion

and decorated with gold foils.


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