Mahakhanij Approved AIS 140 GPS Device In Maharashtra
  • May 10, 2023 7:06 am
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

AIS 140 GPS is a cutting-edge technology that can enhance the efficiency and safety of mining operations. Roadpoint Limited, a leading GPS tracking solutions provider, can offer Mahakhanij Mines company a reliable and user-friendly AIS 140 GPS system. This technology provides real-time location tracking, route deviation alerts, and geo-fencing capabilities, among other features. With Roadpoint’s AIS 140 GPS, Mahakhanij Mines can improve their fleet management, reduce operational costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Vehicle battery protection
  • Remote cut-off (petrol/power)
  • SOS button
  • Instant alert for vibration, over speed, power off, geo-fence
  • Strong Battery Backup and many more features.
  • Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web.


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